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The girl with the broken smile

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25 November



Some of my icons I didnt save the maker for them. So i am using them with unknown.
If you made an icon that Says "dont know" please let me know so i can give you proper credit for your hard work

All the blinkies I am using..I dont claim that I made them. I re-did them myself but i'm not claiming them as my own work.
If you see on that you created and want original credit let me know and i'll certainly give you credit

My name is Sarah..I am married to the greatest guy in the world, Mike Riccardi.
We have been married for 3 years and we have a beautiful son named Hunter. He is almost 3 years old.

we both went to Montville High.
Him in (1999) me in (2001)

I went to Norwich Tech for 3 years and Montville High my senior year (2001)

If you want to be on my friends list you must leave me a commnet...I wont add you if you are under 18 unless I know you or you used to be on my journal and deleted me for whatever reason.

I simply detest drama...espically when its caused by 14 year olds who have nothing better to do then steal my personal pictures of my son.
Drama sucks and once you start it with me, I'll make your life a fucking living hell. And no its not a threat. its a fucking promise

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Lilypie Baby Days

Days until Bush leaves office.

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Grab your own copy here.

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Kurt Cobain is hypnotic love.

Kurt Cobain is indelible love.

Kurt Cobain is blinding love.

**They all come from colorbar_love